E-Poster sessions instructions

1. Aims

The EUROMAT 2019 poster sessions aims to be open and accessible to conference delegates during the whole conference and to invite to stimulating discussions during the conference. The poster sessions topics will be related to the conference areas in themes and matched in time with the corresponding symposia.

2. Organization

There will be five poster session events according to the conference program. Poster presentations will be held using digital 50” display screens. At each poster session there will be 20 screens available, and at each screen 6-7 presentations will be scheduled during the 1 hour poster presentation. The screens are numbered and located throughout the conference premises.

  • The poster sessions are designated as e.g. PSA4-2-08, meaning Poster Session of symposia A4 2nd poster session at screen number 08. The poster session designation is found in the conference program.
  • The detailed poster session program is found on the conference website. Each poster session will take place at a specified screen.
  • Each poster session will be chaired by a poster session leader. The poster session leader is assigned by the corresponding symposium leader.
  • The poster session leader will start up the session and make sure that the time table is followed.
  • Each poster presenter must be ready to immediately start the presentation following the poster session program order.
  • Each poster is allowed time for a 3 minutes pitch, also streamed live through wi-fi.
  • After the session is completed, individual discussions can take place and the screen may be used.

3. Availability outside the scheduled poster session

  • All poster presentations are digitally uploaded to the conference and can be displayed on-demand on any of the screens at any time during the conference.
  • The poster may also be digitally downloaded by the conference delegates from the conference website after the end of the conference.